Energy for Capabilities Development  (e4CDp) is a N-E-W-S, the north-east-west-south partnership registered in Massachusetts, USA. At e4CDp we strive for developing Navier-Stokes-Equations class of formulations on issues of social dynamics, solving them and disseminate insights to the policymakers and other stakeholders for wider public commonwealth.


Initiated by scholars from four universities and leading organizations around the world working on Energy Access and Public policy, e4CDp aims to integrate the capabilities of interdisciplinary sciences (such as moral science, natural science and economics) to further research on Sustainable Development, among many others.


Currently e4CDp’s effort is coordinated by Ram Poudel, Lecturer-in-Sabbatical at Institute of Engineering, Tribhuvan University, Nepal.


Steering Committee 
a) Jon G. McGowan, Professor, University of Massachusetts
b) David Wood, Professor, University of Calgary
c) Bhakta Ale, Professor, Center for Applied Research and Development

 Management Team :e4CDp

  1. Jon G. McGwoan, Chair
  2. David Wood;
  3. Bhakta Ale;
  4. Kangbin Zheng;
  5. Ram Poudel, Secretary

e4CDp : Staff

  1. Ram Poudel; Coordinator
  2. Sriram Sigdel; Manager, Finance
  3. Renuka Acharya; Manager, Publication
  4. Manila Pandey; Manager, Communication
  5. Santosh Raut; Manger, IT
  6. Laxman Poudel; Accountant

e4CDp Contributors
Ram Poudel
Shambhu Shrestha
Research Assistant
Medani Bhandari
Research Associate
Kangbin Zheng
Management Team
Jon McGowan
Management Team
David Wood
Management Team
Keshab Bhattarai
Senior Fellow
Anwit Adhikari
Research Assistant
Bhakta Ale
Management Team
Narayan Adhikari
Research Fellow
Mitra Devkota
Research Associate
Jeffrey Tuhtan
Research Associate