Welcome to Energy for Capabilities Development Partnership

At e4CDp we strive for developing Navier-Stokes-Equations class of formulations on issues of social dynamics, solving them and disseminate insights to the policymakers and other stakeholders for wider public commonwealth.


Initiated by scholars from four universities and leading organizations around the world working on Energy Access and Public policy, e4CDp aims to integrate the capabilities of interdisciplinary sciences (such as moral science, natural science and economics) to further research on Sustainable Development, among many others.

Featured Publication
Author: Joseph E. Stiglitz

Development Metrology
- January, 9, 2015
Many scholars and institutions have made attempts to answer this overarching question: How do we measure development? Wh[...]
Social Security or Welfare Ben...
- December, 7, 2014
Mollie Orshanksy, an economist of the Social Security Administration in the early 1960s, perceived the poverty threshold[...]
Social Field Theory
- November, 15, 2014
The social field theory hypothesize that the patterns of general interaction of an individual in a society can be modele[...]
Asset and Poverty Levels
- November, 7, 2014
Under the hypothesis [HPO2] of the Social Field Theory, it follows directly from Bohr’s theory of the Hydrogen atom,[...]